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We'd like to ask you a few questions around your love of bread. Please tell us which of the following
you agree or disagree with.

  Yes No
I usually buy more in-store bakery bread than pre-wrapped bread
I usually buy more brown bread than white bread
I usually buy supermarket own branded bread
I hardly ever buy bread except if I see a loaf that takes my fancy
I tend to look for bread on promotion (e.g. reduced price / buy one get one free etc...) when I am in the store
The fact that I know my children will eat it attracts me to my main brand
If I'm buying bread then I normally look for Weight Watchers or Nimble
I usually buy the same type of bread and the same brand
Being Baked in store is an important factor when thinking about the type of bread I want to buy
I have bought rolls or baps in the last 2 months for a kids pack lunch
  Pick One Answer
Please select one of the following
Bread is essential in our household. We try to never run out
Bread is essential in our household but if we run out we just wait until it's convenient to buy more
More often than not we have bread in the house but it's not an essential item for us
We hardly ever have bread in the house

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